At Silipos We Have Solutions. We don't allow orthopedic problems to slow down your lifestyle, and neither should you!

Orthopedic problems and irritation that occur can have a negative impact on your busy lifestyle.

These problems shouldn’t hinder anyone from doing what they love. From the casual walker, woman who enjoys to wear heels with ease, or the more athletic individual that enjoys a highly active lifestyle, Silipos gives you your life back. Silipos formulates the most innovative gel products on the market, creating new products every year that aim to combat common or hereditary ailments that cause discomfort and pain. You don’t have to miss out on your busy life.

With our conservative remedies and treatments and use of our globally recognized and physician recommended Silipos line of products, you’re able to remove pain from your busy schedule. If you have an orthopedic ailment, Silipos is your solution for comfort, well-being and more importantly, to give you your active life back! 

Take a step back, select the Silipos product that we recommend for your particular ailment - and keep moving forward!